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Career Help

I love helping people, I love giving you the knowledge and the information you need. I love pointing people in the right direction, doing their CV for them and helping people in their search for something new. 

Sadly, demand has grown for my time. I've been spending a day per week or more in recent months helping and advising people get their own jobs.


Meaning that for some people who I cannot place, I am forced to charge my usual hourly rate for my time beyond an initial enquiry. 

So whether I've sent you a link or you've found this on your own, feel free to enquire about any of the services shown by emailing 

All services are arranged after payment is received. All Prices are inclusive of VAT. 

Job Search or Career Advice

£270 (45 Minutes)

Ideal for industry returners, sector changers, relocaters (within the UK), those who want help asking for a pay rise or more benefits, those who want to understand the industry or anyone who isn't finding Recruiters much help. I'll give you the frank and honest advice nobody else will, and tell you the best way to fix your situation. 

CV Advice

£270 (45 Minutes)

Recruiters unable to get your interviews? Unable to get them yourself? That's a CV problem. Think about it, your CV is the only way potential employers make decisions on whether to interview you or not. 

Without doing it for you, I'll dissect your CV, send you some notes and ideas and have a 30 minute chat about how you can fix it yourself and start getting more interviews. 

Full CV Writing Service


Everything you get in the CV Advice section above, but I do the formatting, the writing, the tailoring and give extensive advice all based on what you want to do with that CV and where you want to go next.


It'll be a CV that gets you noticed. There won't be a CV like it... trust me.

It's an extensive and collaborative process. Especially if you're in a creative industry like Architecture. 

UK VISA Career Advice

£270 (45 Minutes)

This is not legal advice to help you get or extend your VISA. This is an up to a 45 minute session on Teams or WhatsApp about how to make yourself appealing to UK employers, how to present your CV, the best ways of applying for a job in the UK and some personal suggestions on companies you should talk to or about further help you could get.

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