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Mid Level Technician

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Manchester, UK

£35,000 - £40,000

Full Time


About the Role

Over the next 5 years, not working from home means you’ll spend over 10,000 hours in the office, with a commute added on to that.

If you worked at this company, time in the office would only come to 3,700 hours.

And halving the average commute of 28 minutes reduces the time spent in traffic or packed onto public transport like a sardine from 600 hours over the next 5 years to around 300… much more bearable.

That’s 6,300 hours that otherwise, you aren’t getting back.

Average commute my ar*e. Most people are doing well more in my experience.

50/50 Work from Home, 5 weeks holiday (+ Bank Holidays) comes to 101 days in the office out of 252 and I haven’t included the site visit days. 37 hour weeks instead of 40 reduces it further (That’s 37, not 37.5).

Oh, no overtime either and they’re really flexible on start and finish times.

If you’re anything like me and need project variety in your life then great. Because you could be working on Healthcare, Civic & community projects, Conservation, Sports, Leisure, Commercial, Residential, High Rise…

The most important thing to you though should be progression. This position exists because the last Mid Level Technican is Project Leading some quite nice schemes now. They weren’t quite ready for that bigger stage when they started, but a bit of patience and hand holding has worked wonders. It will for you too.

What you’ll do:

You’ll be working really closely with a Senior, preparing yourself to do more and more job running, leading on to project leadership.

What you’ll need:

Qualified Technician / Technologist but aspirational with 1 - 4 years experience, but not project leading yet (not on bigger projects anyway).

No need to have any particular sector experience.

You’ll need to know Revit.

If you want some more information, feel free to call for a chat, drop me an email or a LinkedIn message or apply below. Don't worry if your CV is out of date, we can work that out later.

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