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Intermediate Architectural Technologist

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Manchester, UK

£35,000 - £40,000


About the Role

Are you a Technologist dreaming of a place where your progression and skills are tracked and developed systematically?

If you worked for the BEST practice, who take professional development seriously even for the Senior staff then you might be running jobs already, on more money, pushing for big project leadership opportunities soon.

That wouldn’t be the only benefit if you worked in this practice.

Imagine any 5 days out of 10 working from home as a minimum (you could do one week on, one week off or any other arrangement).

On top of this there’s a flexi time system which means you can work 6 hour days then catch up when you’re able too or spread your normal hours across any pattern that works.

All without having to ask permission.

Imagine that if you’re just not a morning person and like to lie in or if you get the jitters in the afternoon and like being 3 gins deep by 3pm.

And who wants to work overtime? Nobody in this practice apparently. It’s not really a thing.

They promote a top end CPD Programme too, as well as support for all professional charterships and professional development plans, again, targeted at getting you promoted up the ladder in the best way possible.

The vast majority of Senior Management got promoted from within in this way.

It’s clear why they want people who can smile to work there too. It’s so you fit in, because everyone who is employed there is happy at work. They can back this up by the fact; nobody leaves. Before I worked with them, I literally never once managed to get someone out.

As a bonus their Social Value element is totally on point, there’s a massive amount of sustainability projects coming through the door but to prove that further, they got B Corp certified a few years ago.

The Job:

Working on new and existing High Rise, and other commercial buildings, retrofitting cladding and sustainability solutions when you first start. Moving onto a variety of other commercial projects thereafter.
You’ll be working really closely with a Senior, preparing yourself to do more and more job running, leading on to project leadership.

About you:

Qualified Technician / Technologist but aspirational with 2 - 4 years experience, but not project leading yet.
No need to have any particular sector experience. But experience on complex project types is important.
You’ll need to know Revit.
You tend to get along with everyone, communicate easily… smile sometimes.

If you want some more information, feel free to call for a chat, drop me an email or a LinkedIn message or apply below. Don't worry if your CV is out of date, we can work that out later.

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