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BIM Manager

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Manchester, UK

£40,000 - £50,000

Full Time


About the Role

Just had a really annoying phone call with a multi-disciplinary practice about a BIM Manager job.

This lot mostly use AutoCAD, so they hardly need you anyway. Not a real BIM job at all.

Just kidding.

They haven’t touched CAD since… ever!

This job would be around 100% hands on Revit and BIM Management. With a bit of a soft landing into BIM management. Meaning you won’t have to go hard on strategy immediately, they have an associate that does that. This is more day to day hands on management.

You’d take over the strategy later, once you’re well established.

They already pay really well in comparison to your standard Architectural Practice. You even get a 5% - 10%+ annual bonus. As well as a typical annual pay rise of 5% - 7% before you even have the “Am I getting promoted?” conversation.

They’ve got the usual start early, finish early or vice versa flexitime and are happy for you to fit in your work life around family life.

It’s also pretty fun working at a multidisciplinary company where your colleagues are the client advisory team.

Do you tick these boxes?

Qualified or experienced Architectural professional
Experience of using Revit, including:
Setting up projects
Creating Families
Creating Parameters
Managing models day to day.
Feel confident enough with Q&A for general Revit usage and day to day BIM.

If you want some more information, feel free to call for a chat, drop me an email or a LinkedIn message or apply below. Don't worry if your CV is out of date, we can work that out later.

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