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Associate - Technologist or Architect

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Manchester, UK

£50,000 - £60,000

Full Time


About the Role

The main benefit of working for this practice will be better quality of sleep. And more of it.

Not because you’re bored.

Imagine if you didn’t do any over time, feel overworked, had plenty of flexibility, and didn’t worry about retirement anymore.

What would that give you?

A big annual bonus, a higher salary and a car allowance would probably mean you have quite a lot more cash left at the end of the month. That means better holidays, a bigger house if you want, more eating out, less debt, more saving, less doubt.

Imagine how well you’d sleep without those stresses and worries.

You could start worrying about that funny noise the boiler makes or about replacing the daft see-through kettle you wish you’d never bought instead. Daft things. Things that people who don’t work in Architecture worry about.

But keep the nice profession.

This is for an Architectural Practice, and you did read that right:

But with no overtime, no angry head of Architecture, no sales or BD for you to do ‘because you’re an Associate’.

All in a comfortable and familiar environment. The people I know that work there, actually like it there. And they DO sleep better than your standard Architectural Professional*

Even on their annual reviews, which take place at the same time every year. There’s no arguing or fighting for a pay rise either, because you get one every time without begging.

What you’ll need & what you’ll be doing:

Experienced Architect, Technologist or even an experienced Architectural Assitant.

Some experience in either Data Centres, Energy from Waste, Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media Production Studios or anything similar - their core sectors.

Strong project delivery experience, it’s quite a delivery heavy job.

Lots of experience in a client facing capacity.

Plenty of time served in a Project leadership capacity

If you want some more information, feel free to call for a chat, drop me an email or a LinkedIn message or apply below. Don't worry if your CV is out of date, we can work that out later.

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