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Architect Director Leeds

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Leeds, UK

£75,000 - £85,000

Full Time


About the Role

What philosopher said: “You’ve got to take things to the next level or you’ll just get stuck in a rut”?

Ozzy Osbourne.

He’s right, and there’s nothing about being the new star of this Leeds practice that isn’t taking things to the next level.

The salary is good. The Bonus can be out of this world.

But do you, or your practice do business like an Architect?

Wouldn’t it be better to do business like… well almost any other profession?

Somewhere that 9 out of the 10 biggest pension funds are clients?

Where repeat business is properly through the roof, and the new stuff keeps coming.

This is a million miles away from the mundanities of managing an office, dealing with staff relations and disputes, signing timesheets and chasing overdue invoices.

Learn from the people that in little more than a decade have grown from 0 to 10 offices in the UK, and nearly 300 staff. People like the absolute bastion of success that is their BD leader, who’ll take you under his wing.

Aren’t you curious about getting a little bit of what they’re on?

What will you be doing?

You’ll be tasked with growing the brand and growing the numbers regionally (they’re all grown ups, there aren’t any geographical boundaries).

You’ll be supported by the national Head of BD, who works in the same office, in all of your bids, resourcing, networking, negotiating, designing etc.

There’ll be some account directing and management, but you’re mostly let loose, to your own devices, timetables, schedules and away from the mundane day to day of the office.

What you’ll need:

Experienced Architectural professional who has been senior management previously.

Right now you could be an Associate, AD or Director in any type of practice. Meaning you could be a polished performer already or a bit more aspirational than that.

Experienced at winning new clients as well as keeping repeat clients content.

An open, friendly and approachable persona.

No CV? No problem. We might not need one, but if we do we can sort it out later. Just drop me a message, or call, or DM Matt Kirk on LinkedIn.

If you want some more information, feel free to call for a chat, drop me an email or a LinkedIn message or apply below. Don't worry if your CV is out of date, we can work that out later.

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