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London, UK

£50,000 - £60,000

Full Time


About the Role

New to London. This incredibly selfish practice offers a lot of flexibility, loads of WFH, a pretty good salary and lots of extra little benefits.

As you will learn though, they are very selfish.

The reality is, that you wouldn’t be as happy working there if they didn’t offer you any 5 days out of 10 working from home (and you can lump them all together), and a brilliant flexitime system that allows you to work 6 hour days at will.

It means you can manage your personal life more easily through the week; Get that training program back on track, pick the kids up from school and do their tea, get a few extra drinks in, whatever it is that makes you happy; and selfishly better at work.

They’ve even got the nerve to constantly promote a top end CPD programme to everyone, support for all professional charterships, and professional development plans targeted at getting you promoted up the ladder in the best way possible. The vast majority of Senior Management got promoted from within in this way.

And who in this world wants to work overtime constantly?

Nobody in this selfish business.

If they didn’t do all of this, then the environment wouldn’t be as enjoyable. They’d probably have a higher staff turnover, and higher staff turnovers lead to more work for Annoying Recruiters (™). Which isn’t good for their bottom line.

The work that is produced is also higher quality. And they’ve done some really notable projects. Meaning happier clients, more pride from the employees, and probably more money for the business.

What a bunch of awfully selfish people they are. Handing out incentives and extra benefits like sweets, just to make the company more successful. If every Architectural practice was like this, I’d be out of business tomorrow.

The absolute monsters are B Corp certified too, and it’s really obvious that they care about sustainability and the environment as well.

The Job:

360 Design and Delivery on major projects of national concern.
Working on new and existing High Rise, and other commercial buildings, retrofitting cladding and sustainability solutions when you first start. Moving onto a variety of other commercial projects thereafter.
This job is very much about supporting the team underneath you as probably the most Senior member of staff in a new London office.
If you’re running the jobs, you’ll be working really closely with a couple of other disciplines, local authority and government departments. Lots of coordination.
Using Revit, taking on extra responsibility for team members regularly.

About you:

Experienced, qualified Architect.
Good quality all rounder, though no problem with front end or delivery leaning.
No need to have any particular sector experience. But experience on complex project types is important.
You’ll need to know Revit.
You tend to get along with everyone, communicate easily, smile sometimes (no joke, they asked me for that last one).

If you want some more information, feel free to call for a chat, drop me an email or a LinkedIn message or apply below. Don't worry if your CV is out of date, we can work that out later.

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