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"The Chuck Norris of Recruitment"


Fed up of Annoying Recruiters?

Most Recruiters are probably just copying the same activities your HR department has already tried, but hoping for different results.

They all trawl the same pool of candidates from the last 6 months.

I've tried that and it doesn't work very well. 

It just gets you a batch of very active and mostly desperate candidates looking for any job.

I cover the ground that nobody else does by doing completely different activities. 

That means I get better candidates; and because they're not applying for jobs, and not talking to Recruiters they're usually exclusive to you. 



"It’s was great working with Matt, I would highly recommend him, he put forward very good candidates and made the process very straightforward, we found the perfect person for the role in record time since Matt got involved."

Laura Ruxton, Director of Corstorphine & Wright

28th April 2023


​“The only one that gets it. We get something from Matt that we struggle for when we go out on our own..."

Programme Manager, Transformation Team

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