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I've been working in Recruitment since 2011.


Over the years, I've sort of worked out that Recruiters aren't trying to do a good job. 

They're just trying to make money. In any way they possibly can. They've got targets to hit.

What I noticed, is that if I try to do a good job, instead of just trying to make money, I make much more of it. On top of that everyone I work with seems to get better outcomes.

What's even better is; we all enjoy our interactions with each other that little bit more when I'm not hell bent on overselling every little stupid detail.

"Actually Gives a S***"                               "The Chuck Norris of Recruitment" 


"Matt did more for me in 1 week securing 3 interviews and finding a job than other recruiters did in 3 weeks.
He was in regular contact with me, keeping me up to date and providing advice for various positions.
I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a job or companies looking for staff."

"Matt was very helpful throughout the interview process, providing information as and when I needed it.
I was not actively seeking employment at the time, but Matt's enthusiasm for the company he represented, which I now work for, convinced me to at least hear them out"

"Matt was very helpful in finding me a new job. He listened to my reasons for wanting a job move and made useful suggestions I hadn’t considered.
Within a day of receiving my cv he had an interview arranged. From cv to my actual contract being signed it was less than two weeks, with two separate interviews – the second arranged after he listened intently following my feedback from the first. Many thanks for your assistance."


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